Thank you for thinking of Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice for your charitable giving.We live in a generous community which donates monetarily as well as gifts in-kind to patients at Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice. Your contributions and donations help support children & families at our Hospice.

While we love receiving your gifts including toys, blankets, and other in-kind donations, for the protection of our children, we have restrictions surrounding this process. Please review our guidelines carefully to be certain your donations are acceptable. Please contact our Care Admin Team or call
22276999 / 22276900 for all gift in-kind inquiries.

  • All donated items must be new. Used toys/books that are in good condition my be donated UPON
  • Please DO NOT WRAP donations as items must be checked before being given to a child.
  • We cannot accept items that have been stored for an extended period of time, are no longer clean/ fresh, or have a strong odor (perfume, cigarette, etc.)
  • Donations cannot have any donor identification or contact information (i.e. first or last names, phone numbers, email addresses, website, blogs, personal stories, etc.). If donations include any personal information, they will either be removed before distribution, or the donation may be
    declined based on the discretion of Hospice personnel.
  • Donors will not be allowed to personally deliver gifts to patients or families.
  • Donors should not expect to receive pictures, stories, or updates from patients or families.
  • No used medical equipment, baby formula, or used wheelchairs are accepted.
  • We do not accept VIOLENT toys or games (such as toy guns), toys with VIOLENT THEMES or
    that have a specific CULTURAL OR RELIGIOUS CONNOTATION that may imply stereotypes, paddle balls, outdated books, used stuffed animals, anything LATEX.
  • If stuff animals/toys are donated, they must be new and placed in indivisual clear plastic bags.
  • All items must be SAFE (non-toxic).
  • For durability and safety purposes, we prefer name brand items when possible.

Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice has a Wish List! Please contact the Care Admin Team or call 22276999
/ 22276900 to make donation delivery arrangements.

  • Please contact the Care Admin Team or call 22276999 / 22276900 to make donation delivery arrangements. We CANNOT accept random drop-offs. We kindly ask you to schedule an appointment to deliver your donation.
  • Due to infection control, safety, and the privacy of our children and families, donors are not allowed to personally distribute gifts directly to children.
  • Please provide your name, address, telephone no. & email so that we can send an acknowledgement.
  • Please drop off your donation to front desk at: Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice Medical Area, Block 1, Bldg. No. 90062, Jamal Abdul Naser St., Opposite Ministry of Health, Sulaibikhat
  • Drop off timings are Sunday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. After-hours donations should be delivered to the security gate at Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice.
  • Donors are allowed to take a tour in BACCH play area, library, cafeteria, Wanasa area and garden area when appropriate, and are subject to availability of staff & time.
  • Photos may be taken of the premises with permission and subject to approval.