Paediatric Palliative Care Services

Day Care—The Day Care Centre provides clinical assessment and treatment of the child’s clinical condition through involvement of the interdisciplinary team. Opportunities for play are provided alongside education, counselling, recreation and entertainment for the whole family.

Home Care—Home Care is the provision of health services by a team of medical professionals in the child’s home in order to promote, restore and maintain their level of comfort, function and health.

In Patients— The inpatient hospice setting is calm with the dedicated mother and baby suites and mother and child suites. Each suite is designed to support with overnight stays and to provide a peaceful environment for the child and their family.

Respite—Eleven chalets give families the opportunity to have short holidays away from home at a time when it may be difficult for them to travel. For a long weekend or a few days at a time, the whole family will be cared for in one of Bayt Abdullah’s chalets, enjoying all the facilities with the full support of our hospice staff. The goal is to provide a home- like environment where the family can take a rest from sole responsibility of caring for child at home.

Out reach—The paediatric palliative care team is committed to promoting continuity of care, especially if the child is admitted to the hospital. The paediatric palliative care will continue to provide clinical care and support the hospital team as required.

Psychosocial Care for Paediatric Palliative Patients

Psychosocial care is support that considers every interaction with the child, family and social network. Key elements are respect and understanding for the child’s and family’s unique medical journey, empowerment of the child and family, and providing spaces for the child and family to share and understand their emotions. The child’s emotional, social and physical needs are central to psychosocial approaches.

Our psychosocial paediatric palliative teams work in partnership with the child. We aim to support the child and family adjust to changes in the health condition. We encourage children to participate in life as much as possible and for as long as possible.

We are a team of skilled professionals, with a combination of experienced, professional qualifications and experiences gained internationally from the Middle East, Europe and the United States of America. Our professional qualifications and registrations include Child Life, Music Therapy, Social Work, Therapeutic Play, Psychology and Counseling.

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